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Hello again lovelies. Just a few days ago I shared my favourite six outfits of 2023. (so far) Today its’s so much fun to be back with Stitch Fix , this time with the Feb 2023 Review. As I am sending back my box very soon, I would love to get your thoughts on which pieces you love. I am going to show you my favourites and tell you which pieces are going back.

As always you can find my previous Stitch Fix Reviews, how to get your BEST Stitch Fix info, and my answers to some of your most asked questions below. Also under the outfit photos, make sure to check out shopping lists/outfit details and clickable visuals for how to recreate each look. I hope all of those are helpful! 🙂

Stitch fix reviews
Stitch fix reviews


If you are new to TheBoxQueen, I invite you to start from here to read about how Stitch Fix works, and how to get the best Stitch Fix possible for you!! Also below find some of my Stitch Fix highlights.

Are you sick of idly browsing clothing racks at the mall or continuously searching through internet stores? Are you looking to revamp your wardrobe but lack the time or energy to pull together a fashionable look? You might find the ideal solution in Stitch Fix.

An online styling business called Stitch Fix will send you customised outfit and accessory options right to your home. Simply complete a thorough style profile, and a stylist will put together a package of clothes based on your tastes and spending limit. You can try on the clothes at home and keep what you like, or you can return anything for free.

Here are some aspects that distinguish Stitch Fix from competing online styling services:

Personalized Styling

The individualised style you get from Stitch Fix is one of its biggest benefits. You can be as detailed as you like when completing your style profile when it comes to your clothing choices, from your body type to your preferred colours and patterns. This information will be taken into consideration by your stylist when choosing the goods for your box, ensuring that each one meets your particular needs and style.

Many Brands and Styles are Available

From well-known brands to up-and-coming designers, Stitch Fix offers a wide range of clothing brands and styles. As a result, you may mix and combine products from various companies to create a unique design, as well as find new pieces that you might not have otherwise come across.


The convenience that Stitch Fix provides is one of its key selling points. You don’t need to travel far to the mall or spend hours looking for apparel. Instead, you can put things on at your own pace and convenience in your house. Also, you have the choice to sign up for automated delivery on a regular basis so that you will always have something fashionable and new to wear.


Contrary to what many people think, Stitch Fix is a reasonably priced styling service. Although some high-end designer things could be more expensive, you can give your stylist a budget to work with, and they will choose items in accordance with it. Additionally, there is no chance of overspending because you only pay for the products you chose to keep.

In conclusion, Stitch Fix is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to change their wardrobe quickly. Stitch Fix has something to offer everyone, including personalised styling, a huge selection of brands and styles, convenience, and affordability. Try it; you could be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy your new clothes.

I update it regularly with new Stitch Fix pieces available, and my own SF outfits.


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How Stitch Fix Works and How to Get Your Best Fix

At Stitch Fix Website, you fill out a VERY detailed style profile. They ask everything from your height, weight, to top and bottom sizes. You include details on the types of styles you like such as glamorous, preppy or boho as well as a bunch of info on how you want things to fit.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: Be as honest with yourself here as possible. I remember when I first filled my style profile, I answered the Q’s with more of what I dream my style to be rather than what was actually needed for my current lifestyle. I am a mom of Four young kids. I love glam style, and incorporate that into my life here and there. The truth is most glam pieces are not functional for my everyday life. I now ask for more casual styles.

My suggestion is to fill out the style profile even if you are not ready to order just now; it’ll give you an idea on your style and you’ll get a sense on what Stitch Fix is about.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: Here is my personal blog. I upload what I like from Stitch Fix here as well as how I styled previous pieces so the stylists can get a better idea of what I like, my body type etc. I think these all help them find the best pieces for me. Feel free to join me there to see what I am liking from new SF items, and my new SF outfits.

  • Leave detailed notes to your stylist when you check out. When it’s time for checking out, they ask you for feedback on your fix. Write why you loved your keeper item(s), and the specific reasons why a piece didn’t work for you.

Theboxqueen’s Tip: I always make sure to include details such as ” The waist was a tad too tight” or ” The color wasn’t flattering on me” or ” The skirt was two inches too short for my taste”. The more specific the better.

I get a lot of e-mails with the question ” What do you ask for in your personal style profile?“.

I ask for pieces that are suitable for a mom of Four kids under the age of 12, but who also loves cool, trendy items that can easily be mixed and matched. I think you can definitely be a mom, and stay chic especially with comfy pieces high on style. In addition, I ask for colors, a variety of textures, and prints. I think these bring life to your closet, and also to your existing outfits.

I know you ladies are ready to see those pretty June pieces! In my June Stitch Fix box I got a skirt, a maxi dress, a strappy top, a pair of shoes, and a wrap blouse. I really enjoyed styling the clothing pieces; so much color. LOVE!


Style Tip: I adore the tone of blue this blouse came in, and the shape is very timeless and easy to wear. As there is a classic feel to the top (similar style), I wanted to combine it with jeans to give it a more carefree vibe. I added neutral chunky heel sandals, a colorful bracelet (similar), and a cheerful & very trendy tassel clutch.


Top: Stitch Fix (Similar Blouse) | Jeans: Wantable Style Edit ( Similar jeans) | Shoes: Old / Sam Edelman (Love this new Pair) |  Bag: Steve Madden | Sunglasses: Tory Burch | Earrings: Wantable (Ask from Wantable Style Edit) | Ring: DailyLook | Bracelet: Banana Republic ( Similar Style Same Brand)


Style Tip: I styled the maxi dress with wedge heels for added height, and practicality as they prevented my skirt from sweeping the ground haha I also added a white bag I used as a cross body.



Dress: Stitch Fix (Similar Maxi I LOVE) | Shoes: Michael Kors | Bag: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Tory Burch | Jewelry: Wantable (choose from Style Edit)

f wedges. I find low wedges a bit too frumpy for my taste, (although all the power to you if you love them ladies, its a personal thing for me) and they become unflattering with thick straps. Not surprisingly, when I tried the pair on I decided they were not really my style.

Stitch Fix styled the crochet tank top in a super cute outfit with a mini skirt and flat heels as well as a second look with a moto jacket, jeans, and heels. I LOVE both combinations.

Status Top: This is a basic white strappy tank, and is very easy to wear with tons of outfits. It could even do double duty in fall worn under shirts, and cardigans.

Style Edit: Both the top & skirt came in my June box, and I thought they looked lovely together. I chose geometric earrings and a delicate statement necklace that were both from Rocksbox (get your FREE MONTH of Rocksbox here, and try the service commitment free) and the same chunky heels I wore in the first look in this review. This small navy shoulder bag I used combined nicely with the greens and blues in the look.


Top: Stitch Fix (Similar Top I Love) | Skirt: Stitch Fix (Similar Skirt I Love) | Bag: Tory Burch | Shoes: Sam Edelman ( Similar Style ) | Jewelry: Rocksbox (Get your FREE MONTH here– try the jewelry service commitment free) | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: My new stylist continues to impress me with her choices. She  still includes items that coordinate beautifully together, such as the tank and skirt in this box, at great price points. I can wholeheartedly recommend you the service after years of being a paying customer myself. You can sign up here if you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, and thanks so much if you decide to use my link. <3

Which one is your favorite piece(s) from my June box lovelies? Did you receive any particularly amazing items from Stitch Fix lately? I would love to hear EVERYTHING!

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Have a wonderful day lovely ladies! Stay your amazing selves, and stay stylish! XOXO,

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